Saturday, December 11, 2010

Please Advise

Hello friends.

As previously declared, The Logistic of Life are not my strong suit. I am working hard to rectify the situation in the next four months before it starts to impact the innocent.

I am creating a baby registry. It seems like the responsible thing to do. Trouble is, I don't have a baby, so I'm not too hip on baby needs. Do you need 5 onesies or 500? Do you need a swing or will one turn my child into a sociopath? Are Moby wraps really as easy to use as people say, because to me it looks like they require the complex skill of self-mummification?

If you have recommendations for things you have really found useful in the care and rearing of your small people, please leave them in the comments. Think broadly here, or I will have a newborn wrapped in newspaper come Spring.

Thank you.

As payment, I hope you enjoy reading this. I thought it was quite funny and also accurate.


the Schrofs... said...

A plethora of onesies and blankets are a must, especially if you get a spitter. As for other gear its hard to say. One of mine loved the johnny jump, others not so much. Swing is a safe bet. I would borrow other stuff and make sure your kid likes it before you purchase much. I have a hoard of baby gear you're welcome to try out!

P.S. I never got the wrap down, felt like I was suffocated the little one.

Liz Johnson said...

Hmm. This is a loaded question.

For me, the most essential item I have is a vibrating bouncer. It is the only way I can shower... it pacifies the baby enough for me to shower without him screaming, and it's small enough to take into the bathroom with me, thus protecting him from his often-too-loving older siblings. Mine is yellow with butterflies, and I swear it is the best one EVER MADE, but I believe it is discontinued. Which is sad.

If you're going to drop major $$ on a carrier, for the love of Pete, get an Ergo. You can find them used for $70-80ish, or new for $110-ish. You can check if you want a used one - they have a sale/trade forum. That's where I got mine.

I never figured out how to use a wrap. I always just ended up drowning in yards of fabric and having a baby dangling precariously from my midsection.

A warm carseat cover thingy is also quite nice for the early winter months so that you don't have to bundle your child up and/or bring 600 blankets in the car.

A swing is optional, in my opinion. My kids have always preferred Le Wonderful Yellow Butterfly Bouncer.

Don't buy anything in sizes below 6-9 months. You will be swamped with tiny gifts and then have nothing for your child to wear after he is 2 months old (in my experience). I generally recommend stalking up on cheap clothes in sizes 2T and up... my kids usually wear those for 6-9 months, so I can stock up on long-sleeves and short-sleeves without worrying whether the child will be in season for them. I realize they look gigantic, but your kid will wear them before you know it, and people are a lot less likely to buy your 3 year-old clothes than they were your squishy newborn.

I swear by Lansinoh disposable nursing pads. Not great for the environment, I KNOW, but they are the only ones that keep my shirts from having dark circles on the front.

I have much more advice on personal care items, but I'll leave it at that.

Liz Johnson said...

"stalking up on cheap clothes"?!?!! LIZ, WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?!

I meant stocking up. Not just peering around aisles to watch the clothes in a creepy fashion. Yeesh.

Liz Johnson said...

THIS IS THE BOUNCER. I might be a little obsessed, but that is how much peace it has brought me. Amen.

Jen said...

I agree, lots of blankets of various sizes.

I love cloth diapers to use for spitup and to put under baby in the car seat to catch leaks, and to carry around for a diaper changing pad, and any number of helpful absorbent purposes.

I also agree about the newborn clothes. 18 months to 2t seems to be a spot where there are no clothes, because kids that age are super hard on clothes then — crawling, and just walking, and getting food all over.

I love my boppy pillow for nursing and letting a pre-sitting baby sit up to watch things. You may be short enough not to need one. I have a cousin who thought it just got in the way, though she's only 4'11.

Since it's a boy, I recommend the sippy cups with some sort of leak protection. I never needed those with Grace, but they are a lifesaver with Henry and the neffy poohs, who seem to innately sense the fun of shaking liquid onto the floor.

Jacki said...

I have everything in the baby universe for you to try out to see if you like. Including a moby wrap. But no vibrating bouncer.

Aby Runyan said...

1. Burp rags

2. Swing (SAVED us with Oz, all my kids have loved it when tiny. The bouncer wasn't loved till a bit older)

3. Nursing pads (Medela or Lansinoh)

4. Breast pump (Medela hand pump works great and I got one for free from WIC.)

5. WIC - no joke, if you qualify you should be using this program.

6. Newborn gowns (the best for changing baby at night)

7. Pacifier (I use Playtex Binky brand. It's the closest to the nipple I've found and soothes picky babies).

8. Pampers Swaddlers - the BEST diaper for newborns and beyond (I've learned to spend the extra couple bucks for them.)

9. I've had I 1 carrier and 3 wraps. They all stunk.

10. If you're nursing right you don't need a boppy. But they're nice to have for a baby to lay in. Honestly though, if you don't get one for a gift don't bother buying one. A soft blanket folded up is just as cushy and nice.

You're gonna figure all this out dearie. Advice is great, but nothing can beat your own instincts and some old fashioned hard learned experience.

luvs, aby

Kelsey said...

Lansinoh Lanolin in the purple tube. Very necessary for breastfeeding. Very very good.

Julie said...

Amy - hello and too long since I wished your pregnant self some love and happiness.

But if you are getting people to buy you stuff, I love babylegs. They are great if you are going to use cloth diapers or try other crazy hippy ideas like elimination communication/infant potty learning. Both my girls have used them at all ages and I like them in winter as an extra layer.

I would register for some of that very cheesily named "earth mama / angel baby" sitz bath stuff for postpartum care. (Unless you have herbal knowledgable friends handy who can make you some - it's not hard just not something you'll feel like doing barely postpartum). That can feel really nice for a swollen or stiched perineium.

I loved the Moby with Joyce. I'll make you a sling and send it to you. And I have an Ergo now and I really like it and wear it with Grace everyday all day sometimes when I'm at school teaching with her.

If you are doing cloth diapers (no pressure) but they can be a nice thing to register for because they are expensive and it can be nice to have help with that.