Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wishful thinking

Someone remind me that I found this insightful enough to post here when you catch me putting my toddler in a doggy crate and threatening never to feed him again if he makes another mess.

What? Self-reflexivity is a parenting strength.


Nicki said...

Thanks for sharing this Pamy! As a mama of 2 crazy toddlers, I have been thinking a lot about this lately and I think this list will be so helpful in my those less-desirable-momming-moments! I just printed it out and plan to post in my house. :)

And because I haven't commented on your blog in a while... CONGRATS on upcoming Baby Lee! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Jacki said...

"explaining reason." HA!

Jen said...

For children of a certain age, There Is No Reason.

I have found that if I am awash with rage, I can threaten things like, "I am going to KISS YOUR FACE FIVE TIMES!" and I can feel better for having made a threat in anger and then carry out the threat without guilt.

Alex won a power struggle with Henry about eating T-day dinner by pretending parts of a roll were trains, and his mouth was the steamworks. Still took two hours after everyone else was done, though. I was glad he had the patience, because I would have let the little criminal off.