Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beloved Community

Ryan is out of town.

But it's ok.

I have my blogs.

For the last couple weeks, Ryan and I have managed to eat dinner together every night. This habit has been facilitated by his unprecedented and much-reinforced willingness to make the dinner. While I am out fretting around town, cursing the day I applied to my Masters program instead of getting knocked up like a normal person, he is home making vegan split pea. I come home in a panic; he washes the salad. We sit down to eat and I light candles because this, this is special, and who knows how long it will last.

Having a wife rocks.

Tonight I am sitting at the table alone. I made my own salad, and I candied the nuts to make up for the hug that wasn't there when I walked in the door. I sat down to my dinner, and lit the candles. And then I busted out my computer. I'm not one to eat alone.

In high school and college I had things just as I liked them. It was All Friends All the Time. I love friends. I love facebook, superficiality be damned. I love reading blogs. I like to know where you people are. Some of the time, I even like updates on how the toilet-training is going, although I maintain you should keep those posts to a minimum. I read your blogs, even though you most likely don't read mine. I read about your Valentine's Day traditions, your job frustrations, your recipes. I read what you're reading about and why. I read about Ryan's cousins, hobbies I'll never take up, people I hardly know. I read all of it and I read it every day. I love it.

It is only now, in this moment, as I chew my spinach and miss my man, that I realize very nearly all the blogs I follow are written by women. I'm not surpised. I do so love the women.

One day I hope to live in what bell hooks calls beloved community. I want to live intentionally, and I want to live with all of you. In a giant cul-de-sac. We can have potlucks. Ryan will bring the split pea soup.

Until then, ladies, keep blogging.


sara said...

I read your blog. And I admire bell hooks.

She is coming to UVU at the end of March. It'll be a small gathering. I plan to attend. Please join me!

Oh, and I admire you.

ixoj said...

Lest you fear you have few readers, rest assured that in me, you have one devoted reader. Keep 'em coming.

Anthony Damico said...

i am man

amy said...

Sara, Kelly, I read your blogs, too. And I like them.

Manthony, yours is one of the few man-blogs I read. Consider yourself honored.

Kelsey said...

I want to live in your neighborhood, but I don't want to eat the soup. Can he make tortilla soup instead?

Jen said...

Love this post.

I'll bring those chickpea veggie burgers from 101cookbooks.

Adriana said...

the blogosphere IS a community pot-luck. thanks for bringing your always interesting and unique dishes to the party. xoxo

sterlingandbrandi said...

I read each and every one. But I sometimes feel like a crazy carnivorous Tamn - so I don't always have a comment... And you've always been one of my favorites. (Even if I wish I wouldn't have done the damned natural childbirth)

Zillah said...

i heart you like a motherless.

Ann Marie said...

oh, amy! love this post! ceej will be going out of town again for a couple weeks starting sunday. i too love the blogs...since i am a serious loner here, and need to feel like i sort of have me some women friends.

Cassandra said...

I'm in for the potluck!

Nice to "meet" you. Over from Ann Marie's blog, and am loving yours.

Off to browse...

Carrie K said...

Hey Amy! Love you back.

homegrown said...

I read your blog!
I love reading people's blogs and I also want to live in a giant cul-de-sac in the sky with you and everyone else, too. Like you said, we can have pot lucks and co-op babysitting, share gardens, and take care of each other :)
I miss you!