Saturday, November 28, 2009

Big Lots

When Pumpkinfest came around, I needed a lot of pumpkin decorations and I didn't have any money to spend. Thankfully, my sister spent an entire evening with me, combing the streets on the prowl for pumpkinesque paraphernalia. Big Lots paid the highest dividend, being the only place in town with orange lights, and for two dollars a strand. I remembered the jackpot and have held it close to my heart in anticipation of the coming holidays.

I just got back from Big Lots again, with an equally excellent haul. I got a tree for twenty bucks (it looks emaciated, but serves its iconic function), four strands of Christmas lights, some red taper candles, a tree skirt and a package of ornaments for sixty three dollars. If I hadn't sworn to Ryan I would do my best to keep it under fifty, I would have also bought the miniature lavender tree with lavender lights, too.

In fact, I may go back and get it. Ten dollars isn't much to pay for a PURPLE CHRISTMAS TREE.

I love Big Lots.


Kelsey said...

You need that purple tree. GET IT!!!

Jacki said...

I just sent you a $10 check to go buy your purple Christmas tree. Happy Birthday. It is time to start rebuilding your stash of weird stuff.

Kate said...

Neil is obsessed with Big Lots. He could comb that bargain bin for hours & hours.

It must be a sign of a fantastic person that love of Big Lots.