Friday, April 24, 2009

To Do X 60

1. Launder all the clothing in the house
2. Study for a psychometric measurements exam
3. Accompany Somali refugee family on a bus tour of Salt Lake City
4. Find others who may want to accompany refugee families on bus tours of Salt Lake City
5. Purchase a bicycle and see if I still know how to ride it
6. Attend fundraiser
7. Learn about permaculture
8. Help Jacki move
9. Collect boxes
10. Purge unnecessary belongings
11. Pack necessary belongings
12. Give 30 days notice to the ousting land-people
13. Tidy the house
14. Sell a pile of comic books Ryan purchased with his paper route money in the early nineties
15. Write self-reflections about various issues pertinent to my multicultural competency level
16. Evaluate my performance in multicultural counseling class. Choose the high road of honesty. 17. Cry.
18. Meet with real estate agent and do as I am told
19. Take car to the shop for repairs required after being smashed into while parked in a driveway
20. Get gas in the truck
21. Buy soymilk
22. Plan Sunday dinner
23. Return (unworn) underwear to Target
24. Clean out files
25. Figure out what books I need for summer term
26. Purchase books for Summer term
27. Read Chapters 1-17 in my multicultural counseling textbook so I can say I did it on my self-evaluation
28. Review Qualitative article on traumatic birth
29. Turn in article review to professor
30. Write paper about a fake psychopathology of my invention (suggestions welcome)
31. Fantasize about Ikea
32. Ruminate on the possibility of earthquake
33. Make mental game plans for how to survive earthquake
34. Print new fertility chart
35. Write a report on panel discussion I attended about Black Masculinity
36. Wax legs and underarms. Maybe.
37. Investigate stacked washer/dryer units
38. Sell non-stacked washer and dryer on craigslist
39. Learn to make bread
40. Fix brakes on the truck
41. Call Qwest and have a hissy fit because they have charged me $55 a month when the rate we agreed upon was $15, be on hold for three hours, use all cell phone minutes for lack of alternative, march angry self to Qwest location downtown and chain angry self to a pole and refuse to stop screaming until issued a refund, BASTARDS
42. Pay summer tuition
43. Cry
44. Create a summer calendar
45. Contact neglected friends because I still love them
46. Purchase one of these and one of these and rid self of all other floor-cleaning apparati
47. Learn to make household cleaner (find the recipe Adriana sent me years ago involving Borax)
48. Run a marathon
49. Convince Ryan we need a Macbook and rid self of all other spontaneously-combusting computing apparati
50. Learn about diaper-free babies
51. Buy art
52. Learn about home maintenance including but not limited to evaporative cooling systems, furnaces and the servicing thereof, water heaters, roofs and rain gutters, etc. (suggestions welcome)
53. Call Chris and ask about his shingles (roof, not viral)
54. Buy caracara oranges
55. Teach a lesson about sexual assault to teenagers, attempt to remain composed when they ask who goes to jail if both people were too drunk to consent
56. Work on lit review for thesis
57. Call doula instructor to see if she has any ideas about how I can recruit participants
58. Plan Ryan's birthday (his preference not to acknowledge it will not be honored)
59. Eat a mango
60. Wash sheets


Jen said...

Too much stuff to do. You should just go eat chocolate instead. Or strawberries, for the health conscious. Or both together. Oooh.

Also, borax can be sprinkled around house doors to get some bugs to stay away. We're trying it on our addition right now, which is generally more bug prone than the rest of the house.

betsey said...

A few things...

First: When I am pregnant, will you be my doula? I don't even know if I spelled that right, but I want one and I think you would be great!

Second: Elimination Communication. I have a friend who did it. She's a huge advocate. I can give you her info if you seriously want to hear about her experience. She just had a baby (a week ago) and is starting him on the process.

Third; I owe you an email about our vacuum robot. To come shortly.

Fourth: Leg and armpit wax, huh? What's that about?!?!

Fifth: If I lived in SL, I would take Somali refugee's on a tour of the city. I'm bummed that I don't!

Kate said...

If you want an Apple discount alert Neil... the occasionally have raffles for display models & he just got my dad a 24' desktop for $500. Plus, he gets a 25% discount on new ones, I think.

Then, you'll never have to do anything productive ever again. That has been the result of my Air, at least.

Liz Johnson said...

Does this mean that you've already done the doula training??

Also, I'm glad that you clarified that you're returning unworn underwear. That cracked me up.

amy said...

Jen- Chocolate. Roger.
Betsey- Yes, gladly. If I am ever actually pregnant remind me that I need to talk to your friend (does she have a blog so I can just creepily stalk her and learn about her diaperless baby?). Looking forward to the robot email. I wax my armpits and legs like every five years (I used to be more diligent but am now lazy and consequently more hairy.)

Kate- that is completely awesome. I will add that to my burgeoning list of reasons a Mac will save all our lives

Liz- yes, I have been a doula sinve 2004. I love it and am obsessed with reading about birth to the exclusion of arguably more useful activities.

All- I really like you people.

missy. said...

61. respond gracefully to e-mail after e-mail from a panicky pregnant friend, even though that probably means not doing other things on the already-extensive list.

62. spend hours on the phone with that same friend until she feels better.

63. be a really, really nice pal.

(you can check all those things off your list, by the way :) )

Jill said...

45, I haven't heard from you